Windows 10 Anniversary Update Problems and solutions

windows-10updateThis is not the type of post that we would usually do here but in this case we decided it may be useful to our readers considering that Windows 10 anniversary update problems have prevented us from working at times this week!! In particular one that prevents the update from been installed and sends the PC into a reboot loop was rather frustrating.

This release has been rolled out to millions of users but looking on forums and message boards as well as the Microsoft website it seems there are more than just a handful of people having issues with this update. We will look at some of the main problems we have come up against during our attempts to update a number of PCS to the latest version and how we have solved these issues.

If one solution does not work be sure to try another as each install is different and there are a number of factors when it comes to Windows 10 anniversary update problems (such as drivers, software conflicts)

You can find the relevant error code for the update failure by opening the Windows update section in settings and using the advanced options to view update history.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Problems and Potential Fixes

“We Couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing Changes. Don’t Turn Off Your Computer” error 0x800F0922 or 0xc1900104

This appears to be the most common problem. Your computer will look like it is installing the updates and may take up to 2 hours and even reboot a couple of times. The problem occurs usually once it reaches 100% and you receive the undoing changes message.

There is no one solution so below are the solutions we have found worked listing the simplest to the more difficult.

Solution 1 – Check connection

The simplest and often most overlooked solution. It could be that your computer is not connecting to the windows update server correctly.

  • Ensure that you are connected to the internet
  • Disable any VPN you have running
  • Disable your firewall

Try the update again

Solution 2 –  Clear out update folder

A problem may have occurred with the download of the files potentially causing corruption. Sometimes cleaning these out and allowing the updates to be downloaded again can resolve the issue.

First you need to disable windows update from running in the background. Open a command prompt (hold the windows key and press R and type cmd in the run box and press enter) In the Command Prompt type the following:

net stop wuauserv and then press enter, you should see the service stop and then type

net stop bits and press enter, you should see the service stop.

Once the services have stopped. Open File explorer and Browse to the windows folder

Open the “SoftwareDistribution” Folder

Windows 10 anniversary update problems

Delete all the folders in this folder so that the software distribution folder is empty. These are all the update related files that windows has downloaded.

Go to Settings and click on Update and Security and allow windows to check for updates again. This should allow it to download the updates again and attempt to install them.

Solution 3 – Upgrade assistant

You can also use the windows upgrade assistant to download the windows 10 anniversary update which means you bypass windows update.

You can download the update tool from HERE (Click on update)

Once downloaded double click the file and go through the prompts and allow the tool to run. It should download the latest build of Windows 10 to your computer and install it.

Solution 4 – Remove Anti Virus Software

Some people have reported that their ant-virus software has been causing issues with the latest update. Just disabling the anti-virus is unlikely to work as it will re-enable itself on reboot. Try uninstalling the anti-virus and seeing if the update installs and if it does, reinstall your anti-virus afterwards.

Solution 5 – System partition too small

It is possible that the system reserved partition that Windows requires does not have enough space. Although not often the problem unless the partitions have been altered on your hard drive or other applications are taking up the space on the partition.

The partition is also sometimes called the recovery partition. You do not need to increase the partition by much (100MB should do it).

To do this you can use a tool like MiniTool Partition Wizard Free. This tool will allow you to take some free space from another drive and add it to the system reserved partition. After you have increased the partition size use the upgrade assistant to install the anniversary update.

While this is rare we did find that on one of our PCs our Windows 10 anniversary update problems were caused by this so it is definitely worth investigating.

“Not Enough Space” error codes 0x80070070 – 0x50011 0x80070070 – 0x50012

These error codes in the update history usually indicate that there is not enough space on the hard drive to perform the update. Remove some programs via the control panel or perform a disk cleanup to free up some space on the hard drive.

You can perform a cleanup on the disk by holding the windows key on your keyboard and pressing R. This will bring up the run command. Type in cleanmgr and press enter. Select the primary drive and press OK, the program will scan for files to cleanup.

Once this has finished you will be presented with  a cleanup window to choose which elements you would like to remove.

File Cleanup

Leave the defaults selected and click OK. This will clean the selected files freeing up space on the hard dive for the Windows 10 anniversary update.

Try installing the update again.

Updating the windows build

Some problems with windows updates can be attributed to the build version you are currently on. For some reason certain updates only appear to install on a particular build.

The easiest way to remedy this is to use the Windows 10 update tool. Download the tool and let it update you to the latest version and then try to install the updates again.

General Errors

Windows does have a built-in update troubleshooter that can on occasion prove useful and solve some update problems. To run the update troubleshooter.

  1. Download it here and double-click to open it
  2. Select Windows update and click next
  3. The troubleshooter will run and try to detect any potential problems with Windows Updates.

N.B It may ask you to run as an administrator, click yes

These errors are just the ones we have come up against we are aware that there are many other Windows 10 anniversary update problems out there (too many to cover in this post) If you are getting other errors do a search using the error code provided in the update history log as this will be give you more accurate results.

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