What is Auto Shutdown

Our password manager has an auto shutdown feature which is a configurable option that shuts the software down after a period of time. This helps prevent unauthorised access when you leave your desk or forget to shutdown My Login Vault and leave it running in the background. It ensures that even if the USB device is plugged in you are not giving someone access to your data when your are not at your computer.

You can set Auto shutdown for any period of time between 1 and 30 minutes. For greater security we recommend that you set this value to a low number, the shorter you set the shutdown time the better.

How to enable auto shutdown

Because we believe this is an important security feature we have enabled this setting for you by default. The number of minutes until shutdown is set to 5. This can be changed via settings.

  • Open My Login Vault and enter your master password.
  • Click on “Settings” on the top menu bar and then “Options”.
  • Under “Auto Shutdown” you can untick to disable or tick to enable Auto Shutdown.
  • The slider determines the number of minutes before the software shuts down.
  • Once you have made changes click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen.

password manager auto shutdown

Auto Shutdown Notes

Auto shutdown will shutdown after the period of time specified regardless of what actions you are currently been performed. The shutdown timer is not determined by inactive periods. If based on inactivity My Login Vault could be brought into focus to cancel the shutdown timer before it closed the software therefore decreasing the security.

If you are going to be adding multiple logins (for example initially transferring all your paper logins to the software) it may be worth disabling auto shutdown and then re-enabling it once you have finished adding your initial logins.

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