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Video Chat Apps

So what are video chat apps?  Video chat apps allow you to chat to other online face to face using your mobile device, tablet or computer with a webcam and dedicated software.

Video chat apps what would we do without them?

Growing up my maternal Grandmother lived reasonably close by and we’d see her a couple of times a week maybe more, however my paternal Grandmother lived a good, long car journey away and it wasn’t so easy to see her, so we’d rely on talking on the phone.  Fast forward to today and my children are in a very similar situation, Granny lives next door and Nanna is some distance away.  The difference being I’d sit bored on the stairs next to the telephone table, coiling the telephone cord around my fingers talking to a faceless voice coming through the receiver.  How technology has changed… thank goodness!  My children can chat to their grandmother through one of the popular video messaging apps, they can hear and see her on the webcam and equally important she can see them.  They can show her a drawing they’ve done, chat about what they’ve been up, show her their toys at Christmas, she can even be there when they blow their birthday candles out.

Video chat apps are such a great way to stay in touch and so much more than just a voice at the end of a phone line.  Never miss a milestone like a birthday, first words, check in with family and friends whilst traveling the world, say goodnight to your children when you’re working away or working late, or maybe it’s just a catch up with since you moved away, the possibilities are endless.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular video chat apps currently available and even better they are free!

The Top Video Chat Apps

Viber video chat apps

Viber is a video chat app that uses your internet connection, so sending text messages, photos, videos or making and receiving voice and video calls internationally is completely free as it doesn’t use your mobile air plan minutes.  It is important to point out that only Viber to other Viber users is free as other charges may apply


Facetime is a simple one-to-one video chat app, it’s a great app that comes pre-installed on Apple devices, (it’ll only work Apple to Apple devices), and is therefore extremely popular.  If video chatting and nothing more is what you want then it’s great, unfortunately there’s no way as yet to hold video conferencing so no chatting to a group of your friends all at the same time.

video chat appsTango

Tango is a popular video chat app with over 350 million users.   Tango is simple and easy to use, you can send and receive text messages, voice and video calls anywhere in the world to other Tango users.  In group calls you can talk to up to a whooping 50 people.


WhatsApp is another well-known video chat app it allows you to send text messages, make a receive calls across the UK and abroad.  WhatsApp syncs to all of your other devices and has the added security of the messages and calls being encrypted so only you and the person you communicate with can read, view and listen to them.

video chat appsSkype

Skype is a hugely popular video chat app with over 700 million users, it’s one that simple to get along and straight forward to use.  It allows you to video, voice call and text message anyone anywhere in the world, it’s also a multi person app, allowing you to hold group chats / conferencing.  Skype also has built-in instant messaging, something my other half uses and takes full advantage of to distract me when I’m trying to write blog posts.






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