Secure, Offline USB Password Manager YOU control!

Forever forgetting passwords? Want an alternative to cloud solutions? Store your passwords in our secure & easy to use password manager. Plug it in to a USB slot, add your passwords and then take it with you wherever you go!

As we all  know writing passwords down is never a good idea and sadly the cloud isn’t always as secure as we are lead to believe, you only have to take a look at the news to see data breaches are now becoming a common occurrence.

Luckily there is an alternative that lets you take full control of your passwords:

  • Non cloud ensuring you control your information.
  • No calling home. No internet connection needed
  • Secure (AES encryption) and easy to use.
  • Portable – USB means you can take it anywhere.
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Key Benefits

secure password protectionSecure

  • Encrypted Data
  • Offline
  • Master Password
  • Secure Notes
  • Privacy Features

Unlimited LoginsUnlimited

  • Unlimited Logins
  • Categorise Logins
  • Filter Views
  • Add Notes
  • Add Websites

USB password managerPortable

  • USB Based
  • Any Windows PC
  • Locally Stored
  • Credit Card Style
  • Key Ring Style

Create random passwordsAdditional

  • Random Password Generator
  • Easy To Use
  • 1 Year Of Updates
  • Free Delivery


I am surprised how much I now rely on it day to day considering I intended to use it as an archive for my passwords for future reference. The fact it was offline was it’s main selling point for me.   I have tried cloud based services before but never felt 100% in control and found some confusing to use with more features than I needed. This is simple and easy to use, exactly what I needed” – Tim (Derby)

I probably have more logins than the average person as I have logins for over 100 different sites. I did write them in a little book or on post it notes before finding this nifty bit of software. It allows me to store all my passwords securely in one place and I love the fact that I can categorise each one. I have the key ring version but I am considering buying the card one too” Martin (Selby)

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