Top Ten Password Tips

Recent research has shown that on average we have 25 online accounts. For those 25 online accounts we only use 5 different passwords. That got us thinking at My Login Vault and we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 password tips to keep you and your passwords safe.

Password tip 1Never share your passwords. It seems obvious be too many people share their passwords with others. Just like when you enter your bank PIN be aware of over the shoulder snoopers and ensure no one watches you entering your password.
pass tip 2Never use one password for all your online accounts. Although tempting as it does make it easier if all accounts have the same 2 or 3 passwords reusing your password over several accounts can make it easy for hackers to compromise more than one of your accounts.
3Passwords should be at least 8 character long. The longer and more complex the password the stronger a password is. Although 8 seems to be the minimum recommended a complex password that is between 12 and 16 characters should give you plenty of added security.
Tip 4 imageAlways include a mixture of lower and upper case letters in your passwords as well as symbols and numbers. The more complex you password the more difficult it is to break or guess.
pass tip 5 imageConsider using a USB password manager. With a password manager you only need to remember one master password. All your other passwords can be random and unique meaning even if one account is compromised the others will be safe.
password tips 6 imageDon’t leave your password lying about. The number of passwords we see on sticky notes on desks or sometimes in a text document on a desktop is incredible.
tip for passwords 7Keep your devices secure, make sure your antivirus software and malware are up to date. There are some great free downloadable software to keep you safe such as, AVIRA, Malwarebytesand Avast.
password tips image 8Use multi-factor authentication. A lot of sites now give you the option to add another lay of security to your account, for example alongside a password you also may need to answer security questions or enter a memorable date.
Tip image 9Be aware of phishing scams. Be very cautious if you receive any emails asking you to confirm or enter personal details, for example passwords, pin codes, usernames, relating to your accounts. Phishing scams are becoming more and more common and can look very official. If you are ever in doubt go to the website directly and login to your account from there.
passwort tip ten imageIf you share a computer, for example in a library or an internet cafe never leave your accounts logged on. It takes a matter of minutes to block you out of your account and to change your password.

We hope you find these tips useful. We have put this all together in a password tips quick guide you can print off or share below. Click to view the full size image.

10 password tips infographic

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