Beware Greater Manchester Police Speeding Scam

speeding scam

Today as I was checking my inbox for messages, I came across a speeding scam email supposedly from the Greater Manchester Police.   The subject of which was a NIP notice with a reference number on.
speeding scam

I haven’t a clue what an NIP is so curiosity got the better of me and I had a look at the email contents.  For those of us who don’t know an NIP is a Notice of Intended Prosecution, the email went on to say as I am the named driver, I therefore have a legal obligation to adhere to the provisions of the notice.  What’s my crime?  I’ve failed to comply with traffic regulations and I’ve been caught by speed camera careering around a 35 mph limit road at 72 mph in Manchester.

speeding scam

speeding scam

Something isn’t quite right here with the sender being, that doesn’t sound too police like for me!

This is one big scam!  It’s laughable for me as…

  1.  I live nowhere near Manchester, nor I have I to my knowledge ever been.
  2. I don’t own a car!
  3. The biggest laugh of all… I can’t even drive or own a licence!

The email claims to have photographic evidence of me violating the speed restrictions and asks you to verify the speed camera evidence.   STOP! DON’T!

speeding scam

By clicking on the link to the so-called evidence, you are essentially downloading the virus straight to your device.  The speeding scam email downloads banking trojan malware which uses the virus to hack into your device to track and access your personal information.  This scam doesn’t seem to be limited to those living local to where the supposed crime has been committed.  It’s reaching out and targeting unsuspecting people far and wide.

Our Advice
  1.  Never click attachments or links you aren’t sure about.
  2. Always delete emails like this and report them to Action Fraud.
  3. Notice of Intended Prosecution are never sent via email.  They are only ever sent through the post using the DVLA registered address.

Please note Greater Manchester Police have been made aware of the scam.

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