Key Benefits

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Unlimited logins

Store an unlimited amount of logins. No more little books for storing logins or scraps of paper. All your logins in one secure place.

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USB based

YOU are in control of your data. My Login Vault and all the data (including your logins and passwords) are stored on a USB device. You can choose from 2 styles, credit card or key ring, to suit your needs.

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Encrypted Data

Your personal data is heavily encrypted and is only accessible with your chosen correct master password. (N.B We never store your master password).

Random Passwords

My Login Vault contains a built in random password generator. This ensures in the future all your passwords can be not only unique but random to improve your security.

Privacy Options

Automatic shutdown to prevent unattended access, over the shoulder snooper protection, ability to copy usernames and passwords direct to clipboard and more.

Secure Notes

Add notes to your logins and passwords that can easily be viewed but are encrypted and secured from prying eyes.

Style Choice

At only 2.2mm thick this USB device is not much thicker than a standard credit card. The USB connector folds away and is perfect for your wallet/purse, card holder, organiser or pocket.
At only 41mm long and 5mm thick this USB stick is ideal for your key ring. With a sleek and compact design the USB connector is protected by a metal enclosure.

Full Features

  • Runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • 2GB USB stick so no need to worry about it running out of space
  • Credit card style for your purse or wallet
  • Key ring style
  • Master password that only you know (the password is NOT stored by us)
  • Data protected by master password screen on loading
  • All personal data encrypted
  • Access log records
  • Random password generator for logins
  • Choose whether to show passwords on the main screen or keep encrypted
  • Software only runs from the provided USB stick
  • All personal information encrypted and stored in an SQLite database
  • Database backup facility in case database is accidentally deleted
  • Database backup reminders every 7 days (configurable)
  • Unlimited logins
  • Easily add new logins
  • Add website address for quick access
  • Add secure notes for your login
  • Give it a category for sorting
  • Generate random passwords for new accounts
  • Add multiple categories easily
  • Categorise your logins
  • Filter logins by category (i.e. shopping, household bills, emails, websites etc.)
Right click logins on main page to:
  • Open the login website in your browser
  • Copy the username to the clipboard
  • Copy the password to the clipboard
  • View more details of a login i.e. notes
  • Edit a login
  • Delete a login
  • Auto shutdown options shut the application down after a period of time (configurable between 1 and 30 minutes)
  • Ability to copy usernames and password to clipboard to easily paste into login screens meaning you never have to reveal your password on-screen (configurable) to over the shoulder snoopers
  • Clipboard cleared on every application shutdown to prevent security issues
  • Choose to show or hide passwords when: adding new logins, viewing login details to prevent over the shoulder snoopers or screen capture software
  • Add private secure notes to your logins

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