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Shopping Online Safely

shopping onlineShopping online has made shopping more easy and convenient for the consumer.  I can’t think of anything more loathsome than trudging my two young boys around the busy high street shops as the Christmas shoppers start than panicked spree.  Or worse still going it alone and braving the mad maniac parents in search of stocking fillers or the latest must have Christmas toy.  I will be shopping, glass of wine in one hand, snug, warm, Christmas lists at the ready, all from the comfort of my sofa! Continue reading “Shopping Online Safely”

Amazon Scam Email – Don’t Open!

Amazon scam email

The Latest Amazon Scam Email

Your Amazon order cannot be shipped

Scam emails are big business for fraudsters, a new Amazon scam email is doing the rounds.  Amazon is a hugely popular website for shopping online.  Over the coming weeks with people Christmas shopping and with one of the biggest money spending weeks in the retailers calendar ‘Black Friday’ starting soon a lot of people will be placing orders with the mighty shopping giant that is Amazon. Continue reading “Amazon Scam Email – Don’t Open!”

Online Dating Safety – Risks And How To Improve Your Safety.

A lot of posts out there about online dating safety are aimed at women.  It’s important that anyone who’s online dating has an awareness of how to stay safe for example common guidelines to follow and the risks associated with online dating, as they are applicable to both sexes and regardless of sexual preference.  Continue reading “Online Dating Safety – Risks And How To Improve Your Safety.”

Top 10 Most Common Passwords – Yahoo Leak

common passwords
Most Common passwords to avoid!

We’ve all heard about the Yahoo data breach leaving 500 million customers at risk.  A list of the 10 most common passwords were compiled from analysis of the leaked data by researchers from the University of Lancaster, Peking University and Fujian Normal University.  Through examining obsolete accounts from the leaked Yahoo database they created an algorithm to guess the passwords.  Amazingly they achieved a 73% success rate.  Continue reading “Top 10 Most Common Passwords – Yahoo Leak”

Offline Password Manager Vs Online Password Manager

Offline password managerI will say straight away that personally I use an offline password manager and have done for the past 12 months but have used online password managers for the past few years prior to that. This article is simply my opinion and comparison based on experience of using both types of password managers. Continue reading “Offline Password Manager Vs Online Password Manager”