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Top Tips To Avoid Valentine’s Day Scams

Valentine's Day scamsValentine’s day will soon be here, for some it’s a day for celebrating the love they share, for others it marks a day of hope in the search for that special someone.  It’s estimated that in the UK alone last year over £980 million were spent by consumers on Valentine’s cards and gifts, that figure is set to rise again this year.  It’s not only big business for retailers, for cyber criminals it is yet another celebratory date in the calendar which they seek to exploit.  Valentine’s Day scams are by no means a new phenomena, the 2000 “I Love You” worm went on to infect 50 million users.

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Alternative New Year Resolutions

So nearly 2 weeks into the new year and who hasn’t already broken or delayed their new year resolutions.  Maybe it was the planned trip to the gym (too cold, or hit snooze on your alarm), that bar of chocolate (wouldn’t it be cruel not to), that glass of wine  (much-needed after that stressful day).  We’ve all pretty much done it, set out with good intentions for the new year and got off track.  How about setting some alternative new year resolutions?  Our new year resolutions are all about keeping your computer more healthier and making it run more efficiently all of which are achievable all in the comfort of your own home.

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Simple, Must Have Ways To Improve Your Security Online

security online Going online is part of our daily routine for most of us, checking social media, keeping up with the news on the commute to work, ordering our weekly grocery shop, emails, banking, the list goes on.  How many of us actually stop and think about our security online – if what we are doing is safe, secure and not putting ourselves or our bank balance at risk?

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Must Have Christmas Apps and Sites for Children

Christmas apps

Christmas is fast approaching, the shops have stacked their shelves full of all things Christmas.  Now that my children have started practicing for their Christmas school performance… it starts… the Christmas excitement!  Currently my day either starts with my 5-year-old asking “How many days is it till Christmas?”  Or “Can we put the tree up today?”  My 9-year-old has rewritten his Christmas list at least 4 times already.  Bedtime antics and homework refusals are now met with “Santa’s watching, remember?”  Christmas Apps and sites are a great way to keep the children entertained whilst counting down to the big day and also a great way to help maintain your own sanity!

Christmas Apps and Sites

As you’ve already probably gathered we love all things Christmas.  We’ll look at some of our favourite Christmas sites before moving onto the Christmas Apps we also enjoy on the run up to Christmas. Our boys have had lots of fun exploring, trying and testing out the Christmas websites and Christmas Apps and have helped with the reviews. Continue reading “Must Have Christmas Apps and Sites for Children”