Microsoft Office Document Imaging – Office 2010 to Office 2016

Microsoft office document imaging is a scanning and character recognition application that was first used in office XP. This was available as part of the office suite up until Microsoft office 2007.

This is a problem I recently came up against and had to work out how to get it now I was on the new version of office and after a lot of research finally found a solution that I wanted to share considering during my research I found many people in the same boat as me with MODI.

As of Office 2010 Microsoft office document imaging is no longer available as part of the suite . The good news is though that there is a relatively simple workaround to get it installed with later versions of Office. You can still download the component from the Microsoft website and install it to give you the functionality back if you require it.

It does not matter which version of office you are currently running this method should work for them all to get MODI installed on your computer.

Download Microsoft office document imaging

The first step is to get SharePoint designer 2007. This contains the MODI and is available for free now from the Microsoft website. The download is around about 300mb so may take a little while to download. To download click the link below.

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007

Install MODI
  1. Once the file has downloaded to your computer we need to run the setup wizard to customise the installation so we get the Microsoft Office Document Imaging element as it may not be selected by default.
  2. Double click the installer file you downloaded and accept the licence agreement. Then click on customise.
  3. Scroll down to office tools and expand the selections in there. You should see an element called Microsoft Office Document Imaging. Click the little arrow and select “run all from my computer”. It is important that you select run all otherwise Microsoft office document imaging will not install correctly.
  4. Once you have selected this you can enable or disable the other elements to save space if you need to. Click install now at the bottom to begin the installationMicrosoft office document imaging via sharepoint
Using MODI

Once you have installed the SharePoint files you should be able to find the application in your program manager.

In windows 7 this will be under Microsoft Office tools if you look under all programs

modi WINDOWS 7

In Windows 10 you can click the start menu and type Microsoft office document imaging and you should see the link at the top of the screen.

modi windows 10

Opening the application should present you with a familiar screen as seen below and there we have it surprisingly simple after all! Let me know in the comments section if this helped you.

Document imaging

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  1. Thanks very much for posting this very simple procedure to down load MODI . I did not know that such a programme existed from MS . I was ready to pay and buy READIRIS 16 at 79 U$ . Now I know that there Free well done programmes from great companies like MS and Google that are Free .Money saved it money earned

    God bless the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you and your Team

    Richard Sequeira

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