How to Update My Login Vault

We are determined to provide you with the best possible experience  and as a result we will periodically release new versions of the software to fix any issues that we have found or to add new features.

As the software does not call home for security reasons the update needs to be done manually. The way the software is designed means that updating the software is simple and quick and only involves replacing the .exe file on the USB drive with the newest version that you download.

You can also find a video tutorial at the end of this post along with trouble shooting tips.

Updating My Login Vault Step By Step

Follow the link in the email you received to download the latest version of the application and save it to your computer. This will be in zip format.

Right click  the file you downloaded with your mouse and select “extract all” (as per the image below) and on the window that opens after pressing extract all click “Extract”.

update my login vault 1

Once the folder has been extracted you will see a new folder in the directory with the same name (one will have a zip on the icon and the other will not)

Update my login vault

Open the new folder (the one without a zip). In here you will find 2 files

my login vault files

The top file is the new updated version of the exe (program file) that will replace the one on your device and the file below is a PDF with release notes which will tell you what bugs have been fixed or changes made in this version.

Right click with your mouse on the file “My Login Vault” and select “Copy” from the menu.

You now need to plug your My Login Vault USB device into the computer and open the folder (Just like you would do if you were about to use it but in this instance do not open the program)

Right click with your mouse in any of the empty space and in the menu select paste. If you get a warning select “Replace file in the destination” (or overwrite file if using windows 7) to replace the old version with the new version.

N.B If you struggle to do this for any reason just delete the old version before you paste the new version into the folder.

update step 4

Once the new file has copied over open the software as you usually would and login and then click About on the top menu. You should see that the version number has changed to match the version you downloaded.

Video Tutorial


“I get an error message in chrome about it being dangerous”


This is a result of Chrome essentially scanning downloaded files for your security it is perfectly normal. If you click the arrow pointing up next to the discard button you will see the option to “keep” the file.

“I can’t click the link in the email”

If your mail program will not allow you to click the link and open it in a browser window simply right click the link and select copy link/hyperlink and then paste this manually into your browser

Still struggling? Drop us an email at and we will do what we can to assist.


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