How to Edit Logins

It may be necessary to edit the details of a login stored in My Login Vault on occasion. This may be due to a password change or the fact that you would like to add some notes to the login. The edit logins feature allows you to simply and easily change all the details of a particular login from usernames and passwords to the login category. To edit a login follow the instructions below.

  • On the main screen right click the login you wish to edit to bring of the login context menu
  • Select “Edit Details”
  • You will be presented with a new window that will show all the details for that particular login.

edit logins

All fields in this window can be modified. Once you have made your changes selecting “Save Changes” will commit these changes to the database and will be refreshed on your main screen (if show on main is selected)

Please note that when editing your login your password is automatically decrypted so that it can be changed.

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