How do I add categories

You can add categories to My Login Vault in order to organise and sort your logins and passwords. A filter is provided on the main screen which allows you to select all logins in a particular category. Clearing the filter will just show the logins that are marked as show on main screen.

There are a number of default categories pre-created for you. These can be deleted if required (Apart from No Category and Private which are required by the software)

How to add categories

  • Open My Login Vault and enter your password to login to the software
  • From the top menu select the add new option and then select Manage Categories

add categories screenshot


  • Current Categories: These are the Categories that currently exist in the database
  • Delete Category: Deletes the highlighted category
  • Category Name: This is the name for your new Category

Clicking add category will add the category to the database. You will see the current categories update and the new category you added will now be displayed. You can continue to add more categories or close the window.

If you now add a login the category you just added will be visible in the category drop down list.

Add Categories notes

Private and No Category are the only 2 categories that can not be deleted and the system will not allow you to delete as they are required by other features of the software. All other categories can be removed as required even the ones added by default.

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