(Video)How To Delete History On Chrome

delete history on chromeThere are many reasons for wanting to delete history on Chrome including security reasons. A web browser can store all types of things when you visit for example, the websites and pages you recently visited, when you visited them and it also caches the web pages that you visit including any images. Other than the obvious “you don`t want people to see what you have been looking at” there are a few very good reasons to delete your history on Chrome.

Many people clear their history and web cache on a regular basis to improve their devices performance by removing all of the temporary data that the web browser has stored. If you’re security conscious then there is a much more important reason to clear your cache.

Web browsers have a habit of saving your logins for websites you visit, while this can be convenient if you are the only user of the device it can become a security issue. For example if you share the computer or use a computer in a public place such as a library or internet cafe.

How to delete history on Chrome

We have created a short video to show you how to delete your history on Chrome which can been seen below. Alternatively written instructions can be found just below the video with more detailed descriptions of what each option means.


  1. Open Google Chrome and at the very top on the window on the right hand side (below the x) you will see 3 vertical dots. Clicking on this will open the Chrome options menu
  2. Just over half way down this list of options you will see an option that says “More Tools”. Hover over this option and yet another menu will appear. On this menu select “Clear browsing history”
  3. You will now have a new box pop up in the middle of your screen with the title clear browsing history (see below)


The top option allows you to choose what period of time you want to be deleted. In most cases you want to set this to “the beginning of time” which will delete all history on Chrome.

  • Browsing History – This is the web addresses that you have visited.
  • Download History – This is the history of files that you have downloaded.
  • Cookies – These are used to customise your browsing experience on certain sites and remember information about your visit.
  • Cached images and files – These are images and files saved from a particular website so that the browser does not need to download these images every time which speeds up browsing.
  • Passwords – These are all the saved passwords that you have stored for websites. Selecting this will delete all the stored passwords.
  • Autofill form data – These are things like you email address, name, postcode etc that are auto populated when you type the first couple of letters.
  • Hosted app data – This is data related to apps you have added to Chrome from the web store.
  • Media licences – This prevents Flash Player from playing any previously viewed content.

If you are security conscious or using a public or shared computer it is highly recommended that you select all of these options.

Once you have chosen the elements you wish to delete click on “Clear browsing history” to delete history on Chrome. If you choose to remove passwords and autofill details you will find that after clearing the data you are now required to put a password in for any site that was previously filled in automatically for you.

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