How do I backup the database?

My Login Vault provides the ability to backup your database to a local location and it is recommended that you backup after adding new logins.

Backing up the database regularly means that if the device is lost or damaged you can recover your logins via your backup. My Login Vault can be configured to remind you every 7 days to backup your database. (After day 7 you are reminded every time you start the software that it has been over 7 days since you last backup.

How to perform a database backup

  • Open my login vault and enter your password to login to the software
  • From the top menu select settings and then click backup database

Password manager database backup


  • Backup Location: This is the location that the database will be backed up to. This must be a folder you have permission to write to.
  • Browse: This allows you to browse the folders on your computer for a place to save the database backup
  • Remind me to backup checkbox: When checked the program will check the database every time you login to see when the last backup was. If the last backup was more than 7 days ago it will provide you with a reminder.

Once “Backup Now” is clicked a backup of the database will be taken. If the backup is successful then a message is displayed to inform you it was completed and the window will close.

Database Backup notes

You must be able to write to the directory you wish to save the database or the backup will fail. It is recommended that you backup the database after adding any new logins so that your database is always up to date.

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