Alternative New Year Resolutions

So nearly 2 weeks into the new year and who hasn’t already broken or delayed their new year resolutions.  Maybe it was the planned trip to the gym (too cold, or hit snooze on your alarm), that bar of chocolate (wouldn’t it be cruel not to), that glass of wine  (much-needed after that stressful day).  We’ve all pretty much done it, set out with good intentions for the new year and got off track.  How about setting some alternative new year resolutions?  Our new year resolutions are all about keeping your computer more healthier and making it run more efficiently all of which are achievable all in the comfort of your own home.

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Offline Password Manager Vs Online Password Manager

Offline password managerI will say straight away that personally I use an offline password manager and have done for the past 12 months but have used online password managers for the past few years prior to that. This article is simply my opinion and comparison based on experience of using both types of password managers. Continue reading “Offline Password Manager Vs Online Password Manager”

Password Security – Stop Reusing Passwords

password security - password reusePeople often talk about security and how to protect yourself but one of the issues that does not get enough exposure in my opinion and the reason I started my business is the reuse of passwords and password security. Millions of people are compromising their own security by not only using the same passwords across multiple sites but also using weak passwords. Continue reading “Password Security – Stop Reusing Passwords”