Stay Safe Online – Helping Your Child With E-Safety

What is E-Safety?

E-safety, internet safety, online safety, web safety, call it whatever you will is all about the safe and responsible use of technology like the internet, text messages, emails, gaming consoles etc.  It is especially important for parents to help keep children stay safe online as they are the most vulnerable. It encompasses both electronic security and safety and also online behaviour and etiquette. Continue reading “Stay Safe Online – Helping Your Child With E-Safety”

Stop Cyberbullying. What is is? What can I Do As A Parent?


We all know someone who has been bullied, or even been bullied as a child ourselves and we need to stop cyberbullying now for the sake of our children as there are too many articles and reports of the damage this kind of relentless bullying is doing to children.  As a parent we all want to protective our children from anything that upsets or harms them and bullying remains a great fear for many parents.  Bullying now isn’t just confined to school hours, term times or in playgrounds.  Children today are faced with a newer kind of bullying… Cyberbullying.  It can seem relentless, 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks, even happening within the safety of their own home. Continue reading “Stop Cyberbullying. What is is? What can I Do As A Parent?”