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Maybe you’re just emerging having survived freshers week and are now starting to find your feet at Uni or maybe you’re a second or third year Uni student trying to get back into your studies having had a long summer off and are determined this year you won’t be asking for extensions to deadlines.  Whoever you are we’ve found 12 must have apps for students, and even better they are all free!  The best apps for students are aimed at organising yourself, finances, studies and your time more efficiently thus leaving more time to enjoy the student lifestyle!

My student days are long behind me but I really wish these apps had been around when I was an undergrad!  Having discovered some of these I’ve decided to install them on my phone as I think they’re super handy and will definitely be revisiting some of them as my children get older and their maths homework stretches beyond my knowledge!

Our list of the best apps for students

1. Your Own Uni’s app

Most Universities have their own apps which you can download and are essential.  Your own University’s app will be one of the must have apps and best apps for students as it’s aimed specifically at those that attend, they vary from Uni to Uni.  The majority of them include timetables, course info, news, updates, campus maps, library loans, Student Union updates, and other important information.

2. Find My iPhone / Find My Android phone

studentappsecurityWe’ve all experienced that blind panic that sets in when you reach for your phone and you can’t find it in your handbag or jacket pocket. The frantic search,  patting and almost frisking yourself to locate it on your person or delving into your handbag (since when did you buy a Mary Poppins handbag that seems to hold all manner of things and is a bottomless pit?) and the sheer relief once you’ve found it!  Phew!

Imagine losing it at a gig, student nights out, leaving your phone at the Student’s Union Bar or in a taxi… lost contacts, lost photos…pretty unimaginable! The Find My iPhone / Phone app is primarily a security app for those unfortunate to lose their phone.  This app will locate your phone on a map using GPS so you can try to track it down and be reunited.  It can also put your phone on lock down using a pass code and a display message can be set for example an alternative number to contact to return.  You can also use the app to remotely erase all the content and settings on your phone.

Download for iPhone here

Download for android here

3. Google Drive and Google Calendar

google drive student appsGoogle Drive is in my opinion one of the best apps for students, whether you’re working from the library, your room or you’re on the go, it gives you direct access to any documents you’ve saved on there, no more carrying around or misplacing your USB stick.  Google Drive enables you to upload, edit, save and sync your work, documents, pictures, email attachments and PDF’s to all your devices.

google calendat student appGoogle Calendar again can be synced with your other devices.   Calendars can be viewed by day, week, month, year.  It’s great for scheduling in appointments, free study time, assignment due dates, party nights, exercise classes. You also have the option to put the activity as a one-off or repeat it daily, weekly,monthly and to even set a reminder so you don’t forget that dentist appointment you arranged 6 months ago!

4. OnTrees

ontrees student app

Being a student now is tougher than ever financially and it’s important to get to grips with your money.  OnTrees is the app for the savvy student keeping an eye on those pennies!

All your balances in one place can help with money management and budgeting…Oh, and it’s free – The Independent

Brought to you by the clever people of Moneysupermarket, OnTrees is currently available on the web or via the app store.  The app helps you to keep track of your finances in one place, from spending, bills, bank balances, credit cards and savings.

Download here for iPhone

5. Self Control for Study


Do you find it difficult to actually get down to finishing off that assignment, (or maybe even starting it!), maybe it’s some research for a paper you keep putting off, or revising for those all important exams?  It’s so easy to get distracted from getting on with your studying especially with the pings from social media notifications, and time soon flies when you keep checking your social media feeds for the latest news.  Self Control For Study might be the much-needed app in your life.

You’re still able to use basic functions such as making and receiving calls and text messaging but the app allows you to set time limits to block you from visiting certain websites that distract you. Once time limits are set there is no way of adjusting them or accessing the sites until the specified time is up.  No more distractions, just more productive study time.

Download here for android users

6. The Oxford Dictionary
oxforddictionary student apps

Ever wondered what some of the fancy words your lecturer uses actually mean but don’t dare ask?  Are you stuck with using the same word in an assignment and an want alternative? Or maybe you just aren’t too sure of how to spell something?  Why not look it up at the click of a button!  The Oxford dictionary is a mobile dictionary which defines and even pronounces over 75,000 words.

Download here for iPhone

Download here for android

7. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

realcalc student appThis app has well over 20 million downloads and is currently one of the most popular scientific calculator apps available.  If you often forget to take you scientific calculator along with you or are always misplacing it then this app is perfect for you.  It looks like just like the real thing and is useful for all those tricky calculations.

Download here

8. Mathway

mathway best apps for students

A must have for any level student and a staple for any perplexed parent trying to assist! How many times have you listened in class to the explanation of how to set out and solve a mathematical problem to then be sent home with homework practice?  Somewhere between the class and home you’ve totally lost it!  Nightmare, no matter what you do it just doesn’t make sense or you’ve had a go and think it’s all wrong but can’t check it.  The number 1 maths problems solver app, Mathway, is for you, this is by far the best apps for students that need a helping hand with their maths.  Type or photograph your problem and Mathway will calculate the answer along with the workings out of how it was achieved.

Download here

9. GoConqr

best apps for students

Is one of the all round best apps for students.  Not only is it great for improving your learning it also helps you to prepare and revise for your all important tests and exams.  GoConqr has lots of study tools, so you can pick whichever suits your needs and styles of learning, from flashcards, online notes, mind maps and quizzes to name a few.

Download here

10. Wunderlist
wunderlist student app

Who doesn’t like a list?  Whether for shopping to avoid missing that all important item, chores to do in your time off, prioritising work to be done in time for deadlines… Wunderlist is all that!  Wunderlist is a task manager app, allowing you to create lists in order to manage tasks.  It is able to sync with all your devices, no more endless bits of paper or kicking yourself when you’ve forgotten your shopping list.

The best to-do list app – The Verge

Download here

11. ATM Hunter

atmhunter student appSo you’ve moved away to a new city, navigating your way around campus is difficult enough, but finding your way around a new place and you’re strapped for cash looking for an ATM machine?  Or maybe you’re out for the night and can’t find an ATM to get some cash for a taxi home?  ATM Hunter is the app for you!  The app uses GPS to locate ATM points nearest to you.  It can even save you money but searching for a specific bank to avoid withdrawal charges.

Download ATM Hunter for iPhone here

Download ATM Hunter for android here

12. National Rail

studentapp nationalrail

Whether you’re ready to return home for the weekend, (armed of course with a bag of dirty laundry and in need of a good home cooked meal), or off to a festival or to even to catch up with your old friends the National Rail app is super handy.  Wherever you are and all at your fingertips the National Rail app gives you journey planners, train timetables, live status updates, delay alerts and you can even select and buy tickets.

Download here

That wraps up our list of the best apps for students for 2016, if we come across anymore we’ll be sure to update and add them.

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