Secure, Easy to Use USB Password Manager

forgot password? need password manager
“Too many passwords how will I remember them all!”

Tired of forgetting your passwords? Worried about storing passwords on the cloud? My Login Vaults USB password manager is a secure, simple to use place to store all your passwords and logins. Simply plug it in, add your passwords and take it with you wherever you go. You are always in control of your data!

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What is My Login Vault?

USB Password ManagerMy Login Vault is a USB based password manager for managing and organising all your passwords. It comes on a USB drive so you are the one in control of your data at all times as it is all stored on the drive not on the internet somewhere. Once you have added your logins to the software you can simply plug it in to whatever PC you are using, enter your master password to unlock it and have access to all your login details and passwords.

My Login Vault is a portable password manager meaning you can pick it up and take it with you wherever you go. Just plug it into any PC running Windows and you have access to all your passwords. It is specifically designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible and is suitable for anyone whether you are a computer novice or a techie. Our password manager has one purpose and that is to allow you to store your passwords securely and ensure you can them wherever you are, at home, work, holiday, school, University or out and about. Best of all you are in full control of your data.

screen2Why My Login Vault?

How many times have you forgotten a login or password? Do you always use the same or a slight variation of a password? Do you keep a logbook with all your logins and passwords? Do you worry about breaches on your accounts? My Login Vault is for you!

The key benefit of My Login Vault is that YOU are in full control and you will only have to remember one password ever again and that is the master password to unlock the software when you launch it.

All your data is stored on the USB device securely and encrypted, this ensures your passwords are only accessible when you plug it in to your computer. My Login Vault will then only allow you to see and access the stored logins and passwords by entering a correct master password.

Key Features

Unlimited Logins

Add all your logins

Store an unlimited amount of logins. No more little books or scraps of paper. No more trying to remember logins for accounts you have not used in years. All your logins in one place.

secure password protection

Safe and Secure Data

All your data is encrypted and stored in a local database. Access to the program and database is protected via a password you create. Only remember one password in the future not 100s.

random password generator

Random Passwords

Secure new accounts by quickly generating random and unique passwords for logins with our built in generator. Make your accounts more secure and never use the same password twice.

USB password manager

USB Removable Media

The software is supplied on a USB stick and is an offline password manager. It is only accessible when you plug it in increasing your security and you can take it with you wherever you go!

Is My Login Vault for me?

YES! it is for everyone. Whether you have 5 online accounts or 500 and especially if you answer yes to any of these questions then My Login Vault can benefit you.

  • Inbox littered with forgotten/reset password requests?
  • Ever needed to access an old account that you no longer remember the login details to?
  • Been somewhere and needed to login to a site but do not have your login details with you?
  • Do you jot your logins down on bits of paper or in a little notebook in a drawer?
  • Do you want a password manager that is not online or cloud based?
  • Do you just use the same password for everything?

Make your passwords stronger!

Recent research showed that:

  • on average we now have 25 online accounts.
  • we only use 5 different passwords for these 25 accounts

This means if one or 2 accounts are compromised there is a good chance of other accounts been compromised as we duplicate our passwords. While generating long random passwords is good advice it can feel impossible trying to remember different long complicated passwords for 20+ accounts but it does not have to be with My Login Vault, all your logins can be unique and easy to access making you and your accounts more secure.

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